Wednesday, October 04, 2006

VISIONS – Contemporary Male Photography

VISIONS – CONTEMPORARY MALE PHOTOGRAPHY is a 352-page anthology of photography that is without compare. In contrast to many other anthologies that often show a more or less representative historic cross section of photos, this luscious book of photographs presents highlights of contemporary erotic gay photography. More than 60 photographers in this metier are assembled here, impressively demonstrating their abilities. Big names like Tom Bianchi, Jeff Palmer, David Vance, Fred Goudon, Ohm Phanphiroj, Joe Oppedisano, Kristen Bjorn,
Christopher Makos and Ed Freeman all present a selection of their works. There are also a number of new discoveries awaiting you, like BEAU, Cameron Frost, Guillem Medina, Jack Slomovits, Jean-Marc, Yves De Brabander, Varick Braden and Roger Nguyen. This book presents a superb selection of gay photographic art of the past several years. From tough to tender, from elegant to raucous, this anthology includes photographs in color and black-and-white with a variety of styles and men. There is something here for everyone. This book is a hymn dedicated to men, a declaration of love of the male form and an exciting and invigorating adventure in the vast field of gay photography. This gorgeously printed 352-page work should really not be missing from any coffee table.
“Here is the first book to truly represent the male nude as it will be perceived in this new century; this beginning of a new millenium. [...] The photographers in this book are here to show you their vision of this new way of seeing, this new way of being." (Excerpt from the preface by David Leddick)

Photo anthology / 352 pages / full-color Hardcover / 6.75 x 8.75“ (17 x 22,5 cm)