Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ray Dragon: Real Men

You like the type of gaybars that commonly carry names such as “Eagle” or “Tom’s Bar”? Than this is a photobook to your taste. These photos show the prime cuts of the meat. Real men love to show off what they have – up close and personal – bulging muscles and plenty of tattoo-covered flesh. The combined masculinity of the men in this book is bursting out of the pages even when it's closed! The dream of many gay men will be fulfilled with the release of this book.
Powerful men pose naturally for the camera without any guilt. As
if guys in the dungeons, darkrooms and garage were in the midst
of a play – unaware of the camera. Some exposures show the best piece of men in close ups, detailed and with an incredible use of lighting other shots show scenes in which two or more guys enjoy each other’s bodies. The models include stars from Colt and Titan. An explosion of testosterone – this one goes out to all the guys
that dig “Real Men”.
Porn actor, model, fashion designer and photographer – these
are just a few of the many varied talents of Ray Dragon. After becoming famous through his films with Titan Video and Colt Studios and being photographed himself by such well-known photographers as Jim French and Tom Bianchi. Ray Dragon discovered his love for photography, which shines through in
this collection of his work. A book with which Ray proves another quality to his list of talents…

Photobook, hardcover, 80 pages, 7 x 9.5 inch, 18 x 24,5 cm