Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sam Carson
White Boys

There is simply no match in the world of gay photography for the art of Sam Carson. He succeeds in doing without any extravagant arrangements by simply giving room for gentle erotic sensations to unfold. The charm of his pictures lies in the halting closeness with which the boys expose themselves to the eye of the photographer. After publication of his first illustrated book “First Exposure”, which became a worldwide success, the Californian photographer Sam Carson continues his homage to unspent, innocently-erotic young men. Carson sensitively portrays unknown faces and fresh bodies in the heigth of their youth. The last coverings seldom ever fall. 80 pages full of unsullied
and unobtrusive eroticism.
Sam Carson, a well-known architect from California, has for
years been taking photos of young men who have never posed for anyone before. The photographer lives in San Diego and has long found his way to the very top in the field of male nude photography.

Photobook / 80 pages, full-color softcover / 17 x 23,5 cm