Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bel Ami

Josh Elliot is one of the great stars of the Bel Ami directorship. The latest picture book edition “Sweetheart” is dedicated to him; Josh does the title great honour: sugar sweet and simply adorable, the young star presents himself in glamorous shots; his natural radiance and sex-appeal make this book entirely unique. The blond headed shows himself as he is, totally devoid of the allures of stardom. The Mediterranean flair communicates a paradisiacal feeling of warmth and dreaminess; the remarkable settings allow the onlooker to dive into a sea of sensuality. Josh Elliot shows his
remarkable and daunting boyish body in emotional solo shots and in gentle loving trust with his friends, all of whom are every bit as erotic. The warm colours and the recognisable ingenious staging of the Bel Ami allow the onlooker to melt away. This 112 paged large format photo edition will no doubt be found amongst the most successful books of the Bel Ami photo edition. A book as beautiful as holidays!
The photographer and director George Duroy is one of the great and long established names in the gay film business. Already in 1996 the first photo edition with the title “Intimate Friends” was released and successfully followed by countless others. The name Bel Ami has long since become a gay legend.

Photobook / 112 pages / full-color
hardcover / 8.25 x 11.25” (18 X 24,5 cm)