Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ohm Phanphiroj: Rare Views

Remember how oft you downloaded your snapshots from your digital camera onto your computer –
just to find out that you look more like an abomination than you realised. Photos impulsively shot and finding you and your friends in improbable poses and impossible situations. Funny – yes but only for the bystanders. Ohm Phanphiroj’s photography proves different: Rare views.
The viewer is receiving expressions out of first hand.
Ohm's photos in both black-and-white and color allow the viewer to become a voyeur. The apparently coincidental moments he records leave the impression of the illicit observation of young men in the midst of very private moments and intimate situations. His perspective captures candid scenes without any fuss, really quite rare glimpses. Fans of sexy men in an un-staged photographic environment will definitely want this as an addition to their fine art collections.
Photographer Ohm Phanphiroj, originally from Thailand, divides his time between Atlanta, New York, Australia and Bangkok. His art and fashion photography unites his experiences from a wide variety of different fields. The recipient of numerous awards, his works are shown in galleries and museums in the USA, Europe as well as in Asian countries.


Photobook, hardcover, 96 pages, 7 x 9.5 inch, 18 x 24,5 cm