Friday, October 27, 2006

Lindsay Lozon: Boys Uncovered

Straight looking, self-confident, and rebellious, Lozon’s well-built boys present themselves with refreshing ease, charming us with their youthful innocence. We don’t always see “everything” in Lozon’s photos. He leaves a lot to our own fantasies. Although these are studio shots, Lozon maintains a direct “snapshot” aesthetic, so the viewer feels as if he’s really “in the thick of things”.

Lindsay Lozon lives in Canada and works as a photographer for various famous fashion magazines and ad agencies. It’s worth noting that Lozon came relatively late to photography, but then worked his way up to be one of Canada’s most important photographers within a very short time.

Lindsay Lozon gives us hot, erotic male portraits in black and white. There are no spectacular settings to distract us from the models. Tantalizing poses reveal a world of unreal beauty, giving the viewer’s own fantasy the freedom to go beyond the point where photography ends.

80 pages of pure, direct photography.