Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Kobi Israel: Intimate Strangers

The young photographer Kobi Israel with his first illustrated book “Views” gave evidence of his talent of catching with his camera the rare intimate moments which can count as lasting monuments of his generation´s experience of life.

Unknown yet strangely intimate Kobi Israel´s men permit the viewer to cast a look on their innermost self. The confidence which they place in the photographer reflects a longing as well as curiosity to discover themselves and the will to fight for their proper place in a world grown apart. Kobi Israel tells his stories in warm pictures full of emotions: candid shots full of sadness, longing, desire, happiness and love of life.

Shy encounters with strangers and the journey into the own inner foreignness are the driving force behind Kobi Israel´s study of the young gay life in London at the beginning of the 21st century. In a forceful snap-shot style the photographer captivates the viewer on 96 pages in a startling horizontal format. Kobi Israel once again gives evidence of the fact that he indeed belongs to the small number of photographers who exert a strong influence on gay life. – A masterpiece!
Kobi Israel studied photography and film in Israel and New York. His first illustrated book “Views” became a worldwide success on account of which the American OUT-magazine elected him among the hundred most influential gay personalities.

Photobook, hardcover, 96 pages, 9 x 6.75 inch, 28,5 x 21,7 cm