Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kingdome19, Henning von Berg: Universal

Kingdome 19 and Henning von Berg are probably well known to most fans of erotic photographs of men. Kingdome 19 has made a name for himself over the years through his unusual, graphically reworked nude photography. Henning von Berg is a shooting star of the German photography scene and his photos are now shown all over the world. Both artists live in Berlin and got together for this extravagant book project for the first time to gain some new perspectives on their work.

These exciting double tone pictures show striking, extremely well hung male bodies, very skillfully staged. Special laboratory processing gives

these photographs an unusually graphical look, giving rise to a dreamy
mood. In solo portraits, sometimes bizarre, sometimes classically elegant, we see dream bodies that fire up our own desires. The result is a darkly expressive, immensely powerful book of photos presenting pure male eroticism in 160 pages of intense images. Fascinating!

photobook, hardcover, 160 pages, 7x 9.5 inch, 18 x 24,5 cm