Friday, November 03, 2006

Kingdome 19: Wicked Dreams

Whoever knows the works of Kingdome 19 will not forget them in a hurry! The German artist
specializes in nude photography with elaborate laboratory techniques which gives the pictures their unique and final touch. Preferably, he chooses young well equipped muscle bursting men in front of miniature props. He creates pictures of melancholy, despair, vulnerability and at the same time a ferocious greed for a vibrant life.

Called after Elton Johns´ famous song in his present book Kingdome 19 presents his latest experiment. He dares to connect his photos with Elton Johns´ songs. Kingdome 19 is a great admirer of the world famous singer for many years and all of you who know his songs will be surprised how the short lines of the lyrics connect with Kingdome 19´s pictures. Whether it is “Sacrifice”, “Empty Garden or Sleeping with the past it is nothing other than a symbiotic unity: Elton John´s moving lyrics and Kingdome 19´s impressive aesthetics.

The photographicist Kingdome 19 recently made a big impression with his book “Universal” which he compiled with the photographer Henning von Berg. “Wicked Dreams” is the third book of the artist with Bruno Gmünder Publishing.
Kingdome 19 has been working in the area of erotic photography for many years. He has worked with men, women and internationally acclaimed athletes. It is the graphic interpretation of his photos which has made them collector´s items.

Photobook, hardcover, 112 pages, 7 x 9.5 inch, 18 x 24,5 cm