Monday, September 18, 2006

Lalli X: Sexbomb!

Nothing in Lalli X´s photography hinders the view of his New York boys’ tough lives: a beer bottle in hand, cigarette on their lips,rarely a smile, these black and white photos have great allure and eroticism. The last remains of youthful innocence flash in these boys’ eyes. Usually alone, they still have certain defiance and a lust
for life. And amid the apparent tedium of everyday life they all long for real affection. The photographer, author and filmmaker Lalli X lives and works in New York and Tucson, Arizona. He is also working on his first novel
and planning another book of photos.

In this book he shows the boys as objects of young, masculine

fantasy. They offer themselves to the camera lens in occasionally coarse-grained
photos. Sexy and corrupted, cool and relentlessly open, they seem
to live only for the moment when the camera shoots. Elegant,
classic and upfront photos direct from New York’s underside.
Unadorned, uncensored, irresistible!

Photobook / 80 pages / duotone brochure / 6.75 x 9.25“ (17 x 23,5 cm)