Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Howard Roffman:
The Boys of Bel Ami

Roffman is fully committed to the representation of
young men and their lives in his work. Like no other he manages to capture images of his boys, their passions and their search for tenderness behind the pose. Sensitively and respectfully he documents the awakening sexuality of young men. His images
depict ethereal beauty and candid authenticity. Roffman’s personal view on the Boys of Bel Ami reveals a celebration of the natural erotic aura of his young subjects, presented in up-close and personal photo essays.
The name of Bel Ami is already a gay legend, needing no additional
introduction. Through their countless films and photo collections the
boys of George Duroy are known to nearly every gay men the world over.
The time has come – the Bel Ami boys meet Howard Roffman;
two of the most famous names of homoeroticism come together
and create a new classic in male photographic art. Bruno Gmünder
Publishing is proud to present this magnificent large-format,
228-page book capturing the magical attractive power of young
men in photographs. Be sure not to let this treat for the eyes
pass you by!

photobook / 228 pages / duotone / 11.75 x 12.5“ (30 x 32 cm)