Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Henning von Berg -
Alpha Males

Henning von Berg first made a name for himself with his photo shoot in Berlin’s Reichstag – in 1999 he photographed six naked men, later known as the “Reichstag Rascals”, and created an international sensation, catapulting von Berg into the international limelight. He’s maintained his penchant for architectural backdrops and bizarre, erotic group scenes to this day, both things that make his images so distinctive. He prefers to work with natural lighting and in unusual settings.

“He refutes avant-garde posturing with well-conceived convention. He respects his models' individual personalities, refusing to submerge them in superfluous stylistic nonsense. […] In all his dealings with the nude, Henning von Berg entertains a sense of mischief without ever being offensive. […] Most of his models are not professional, which may explain their readiness to be infected by Henning von Berg's enthusiasm, and captivated by easy charm. In many of these images you can almost physically sense how photographer and the model collude in the adventure – not a sexual one, but certainly one that is fused with erotic power.”
(From the Preface by Boris von Brauchitsch

Von Berg’s work has been included in numerous of publications, represented in countless numbers of international exhibitions in museums and galleries. A former engineer, Henning von Berg is a true shooting star in the world of photography. His previous release UNIVERSAL was a co-production with Kingdome 19. Alpha Males is a 160-page, large format coffee-table book and is sure to be a big hit around the world.

Photobook, 160 pages, full-color / duotone, hardcover with dustjacket,
8.25 x 11.25“ / 21,5 x 28,5 cm