Friday, April 21, 2006

Ari Gold - Photobook!

Preface from the book:

To all my fan-tastic fans (that means you—even if you’re just picking this up cause you like the cover!), I am so excited to present this book to you. This is the first time these images have been in print all together. This is also my first full length remix CD. Being able to combine my music and the amazing work of these photographers and artists is a very cool thing for me. I’ve heard it said that every time you have your picture taken so goes a piece of your soul. I share with you these little pieces of my soul through these images and through my music. I hope that what comes through this audio/ visual experience is the story of an artist who stands proud of all that he is and all he believes in at this moment in time. Many of the images here include my “chai” necklace. “Chai” means “life” in Hebrew. I think life should be celebrated and as a gay man I want to celebrate my body and my sexuality--responsibly. But is a person’s life ever only about one thing? Whether it’s my Jewish nose, my identification with black soul music or my interest in exploring homoerotic and homosexual themes and imagery, I strive to express all these facets and identities simultaneously. I want the world to know that Jews can rock! Gay people can rock too. We can be masculine; we can be feminine. We can be our own sex symbols. We can be multi-dimensional human beings. We can look to each other for inspiration. We can be role models. We can be pop stars. We can be everything we are and everything we want to be. And I think that is something we can be proud of. Love will take over! Ari Gold