Tuesday, April 10, 2007

mentaplay: Business Affairs

The British erotic website Menatplay.com has totally dedicated itself to the suit fetish. This illustrated book awaits you with glamorous solo portraits and hot duo scenes. These pinstripe wearing men aren’t your average dull bankers. Instead we are treated to studs straight from the office boardroom – masculine, confident, and always well endowed! They stand there looking so seductive and inviting, and just like in real life, the name of the game is dominance and submission. Three cheers for the workplace pecking order!

These photographs come alive with their strong compositions, artistic lighting and a thrilling atmosphere. The models are bulging with self-assured masculinity and the lush colours create images of sensuality. “Business Affairs” will impress you with its tasteful photography and will surprise you with a sure sense of style and class in depicting men in a fantasy office environment.

Menatplay.com has been showcasing erotic photography of the highest quality on the Internet for over four years, thus filling a previously unfulfilled appetite for erotic material featuring men in suits and ties. But the site isn't just about men in suits, as the imagery and videos on the site also play with the themes of strength, masculinity and dominance. Since its creation the company has grown and grown and fortunately for us, Menatplay promises to produce high quality gay erotica for many years to come.

Photobook, 96 pages, hardcover, 22 x 23 cm, 8.5 x 9 inch